A downloadable Lunaris for Windows

Lunaris is a simple top down survival game. 

Story :

The NDG2 Is A Big Galaxy And In There, Lies A Peaceful Planet, Called Lunaris. It Is One Of The Most Safest Planet In The Whole Universe. But.... That Will All End Because Of The Zirks. This Aliens Are The Worst Nightmare of NDG2. They Are Pirates. They Will Steal The Heart Of Lunaris The" Lunaria". Luckily, You Are One Of The Elite Members Of The NDG SafeKeeper Soldiers, The NSS. You Are Sent To Destroy The Zirks.. You Must Go Now!


  •  Better Colliding With Walls
  •  Zombie Waves
  •  Hearts UI
  •  Blood Effect


  •  W, A, S, D - Move Around
  •  LMB - To Fire
  •  Mouse Scroll Wheel - To Change Guns

Note* = The Game is In Development So What You Will See In The Game Is A Simple Player With  3 Guns ( Skipper, Minimi, And Stoeger) And Some Zirks Spawning Every 2 Seconds.

NNeerly - Graphics and Programming

Install instructions

Once the game was downloaded, extract the .rar file in your downloads folder and then run Lunaris.exe


Lunaris 1.1.5 11 MB
Lunaris 1.1 11 MB
Lunaris 1.0 11 MB


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